Best CMS For Developing E-Commerce Websites

Ecommerce platform and market is continuously evolving with the advent of new and more advanced technologies and solutions with each passing month. The website development and ecommerce development have taken a whole new turn with advancement in various web-based technologies at an aggressive pace. Managing websites especially the ecommerce websites require a high level of advanced content management system for its effective functionality and better service to the end users.

How CMS Helps An Eccomerce Website?

Ecommerce has propped itself as a reliable and robust alternative for purchasing goods online. It is giving a stiff competition to the brick and mortar stores with competitive pricing and aggressive business tactics by the ecommerce companies. But all of these is possible due to the presence of a commendable content management system which helps in managing the different aspects of the website and relays accurate information to the end users effectively.

Content Management System (CMS) mostly helps in managing, editing and improving the content of the website with ease. Content here includes not just the written text but also the images and different ecommerce based preferences for various products. The content can be changed from anywhere at anytime which gives the freedom to the website owners to improvise as per the need of the hour and business requirements as well as boost the ecommerce development.

The Best CMS For Ecommerce Websites

Magento is one of the most popular and highly acclaimed content management systems (CMS) for ecommerce websites. It is a fastest growing ecommerce development solutions platform in the online sphere due to its vast set of features. Magento has out-performed the other prominent content management systems for eCommerce platform by splendidly adding a wide amount of features and incredible options for growing the website. Magento is highly user friendly and flexible in nature, which makes it simpler and faster to manage multiple websites at the same time with efficiency and accuracy.

Splendid Features Of Magento

Magento CMS Platform

  • Versatile Content Management System

Magento offers an advanced and highly influential intuitive, visual based page editor, which allows the website owners to build, develop and customize their website offering as per the need. Managing content becomes a breeze and different aspects like coupons, pricing rules, product description, availability and others can be managed with perfection and in real time.

  • Highly Responsive In Nature

Websites are utilizing responsive templates for keeping a tab on the mobile users and providing excellent services to end users with perfection. Magento brings the same kind of features in its CMS to provide excellent shopping carts, which are developed responsively to make it accessible to varied range of devices.

  • Powerful And Spacious

Magento is highly powerful and can easily handle huge range of products with hosting power of as many as 500,000 products on a single site. On a brighter side, it is efficient in handling around 80,000 orders per hour without any glitch or shortcomings, which will help in considerably increasing the revenue.

  • Advanced SEO Integration

Magento is a perfect and complete CMS in itself with being 100% search engine friendly, supporting the site maps, meta titles, description and url rewrites with ease. This will help the products in ranking in search engines page results and boosting the online presence of the ecommerce website.

  • Efficiently Manage Shipping

Ecommerce website can easily handle multiple shipping options such as shipping to multiple addresses in single order or multiple shipments for one order as well as free and paid shipping. Magento is apt in handling all kinds of shipping preference itself without much hassle.
Magento brings in high quality reporting and analytics for the users through integration with the Google analytics. This will keep ecommerce website admins and owners in getting the right and accurate reports about the performance of website in real time and new strategy can be charted out for strengthening its productivity and bringing ecommerce development.

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