Yes – it is no hype or hoopla- but authentic fact. Magento is the most popular website building framework, particularly for ecommerce sites for valid reasons. If you want your ecommerce website developed and integrated with Magento Framework Development, immediately start searching among Magento Developers India online.

Your search will end with us – Quad One Technologies – trust worthy Magento Development Company. You can Hire Magento Development Team from us and satisfactorily avail, a 100% successfully performing Magento-based E-commerce site.

The way to online success of any website, including yours, hinges upon “Happy Customer Experience”. This term extends to a set pattern or factors, as described hereunder.

The Road to Success:

Right at the time of building website, the fate of the site gets almost decided. The following activities online will make the site make it or break it. Customers all over the world, search for a certain product or products online. For this, they should access your website instantly in macro-seconds. The search may be made through Mobile Phones mostly, as of now, and other devices.

As such, instant access through any web-server, old and latest, is the first step. Your website should appear on top of the Search Engine Index. Visitors clicking that web-link land into your site. The navigation all over the web pages of your site should be easy and hassle-free.

The visitor should get all the details – be it product-description, price, features and benefits of using the product, options available to suit assorted budgets etc. readily. The buying activity should be pleasant without hitches.

The Payment options should be wider, safer and secure. If all the above activities click into place, well – the consumer feels very happy; and goes out whistling and is sure to come again. This is the secret of “Happy Customer Experience”.

Imagine what will happen, if any one of the above activities gets hindered. The customer feels irritated and fed-up and flies from your site. You are forfeiting thus a good prospective buyer, to your competitors.

Quad One ensures unfailing success to your e-commerce site:

With years of experience in turning out hundreds of e-commerce websites, Quad One Technologies can be your trusted source for your proposed or existing e-commerce website, to make it meet with success.

If you hire our team, you can feel relaxed about the success of your site. The reason is our experienced experts will step into the shoes of your targeted consumers, while building website on Magento Platform and the subsequent integration exercises.

In each step of creating, designing, programming and breathing life into your website, this team will bear in mind, what a customer expects and enable each item of expected functionality perfectly without blemish.

What are the specialties of Magento e-commerce web solution?

First of all Magento is Open-source; and so you get benefited maximum by saving cost. Coding Magento is simple and easy for developers. Core code by Quad One and that of the third parties can be mixed; and the best can be selected out of them to meet your site’s requirements.

In today’s abundance of Mobile access for online purchase, Magento Software application makes it a pleasure, for mobile-phone browsing, buying and enjoying online products. When this facility is available for your ecommerce website, you reap good “harvest” by enormous crowd of mobile consumers.

Different editions of Magento are made available, to suit the business customer, big, medium or small – such as Magento Go; Magento Enterprise and Magento Community editions. You can choose whichever you want.

Web Developers will find it easier to change, modify, extend, include or upgrade the website contents, along with the growth of business then and there, by implementing Magento software solution. Buying products becomes damn easy for customers with Magento Carting arrangements to pick, buy and move on to the next item effortlessly.

Order management, supply management, inventory management and also Multiple Store Management are all enabled, by a single Magento Platform integration. As such, running an online store by even non-technical persons will be a painless affair.

By virtue of Magento Framework Development, your website gains many more benefits such as – Google Services integration; cutting-edge SEO advantage; numerous features frequently added and updated; marketing tools; customer analysis; additional components by way of add-ons and plugins; and importantly multi-lingual facility to serve customers of global countries, and usage of multiple currencies with safe, sound and secure payment options.

If you match the actions for achieving “Customer Happy Experience” with the above benefits, you will agree that by entrusting the work to our expert web developers of Magento Ecommerce Platform , your website will meet with sure success.

What you can get from Quad One Technologies?

  • • Magento Customization
  • • Magento Themes Design
  • • Magento Themes Development and Integration
  • • Magento Module Installation
  • • Custom Landing Page Design
  • • Online Store Development using Magento Open source platform
  • • Shopping Cart
  • • Payment Gateway Integration
  • • Magento eCommerce with Search Engine Optimization
  • • Magento Template Design and Integration
  • • Magento Extensions development
  • • Integrating Magento with Third party applications like SAP, POS, Navision, Netsuite etc.
  • Hire Magento Developer/Hire Magento Programmer
  • • Magento speed optimization

Most important point is you get all the above services at a cost you never imagined possible, among our peers.

How “Happy Customer Experience” paves way for your success?

The objective of your floating an e-commerce website is to draw maximum crowd of global or local customers, increase your sale-volume, enjoy maximum Return On Investment (ROI) and over a period grow your business, vertically and horizontally.

Now you know by resorting to Magento Framework Development, how your e-commerce site can achieve “Happy Customer Experience”. You know very well that a satisfied customer will never keep quiet. They will brag to their friends and relatives about their experience at your site; and virally spread “word of mouth” advertisement.

First a visitor, turned customer, and then become loyal customer by repeated visits. If this loyal customer population gets increased, no wonder your ecommerce site achieves roaring success!

What else you want? Ask for us a FREE QUOTE!

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