New Digital Marketing trends in the Year 2016

The industry of online marketing has become complicated as well as volatile. However, this is an exciting thing for all those, who know everything about the modern trends. Every year, latest software or hardware, new businesses, and also new user choices lead to some extensive changes, which are ignored or adopted by different companies. Early adopters stay ahead in the present competition, by creating their status as the greatest leaders in the field, whereas those, who are dropping behind lose out the chance to hold the rankings.

2016 seems to be a wonderful period for digital marketing, and here are some trends that may be observed in this coming year.

Video advertisements will begin to dominate-

video Marketing

The advertisements through video are definitely not a new concept. And this is done mainly with the social sites, such as, YouTube, which can host lots of videos. The marketing platforms, such as Bing and Facebook are also offering video options to the advertisers. However, the situation in 2016 seems to be different as Google will get aboard with in-SERP video marketing. It signifies the fact that the online video ads are turning out to be more acceptable to the users. If this trend continues, more video ads may be seen in the online world. If Google controls YouTube, there may be limitless possibilities.


App indexing may cause increase in app developments-

App indexing

Google has once provided app indexing; however, as the possibilities of ranking for these applications become more complicated, in the coming year, more company owners will understand the advantages of good apps for online visibility. A mobile-specific website works well for tempting the mobile users. However, the software will start replacing them very soon. Apps may perform everything, which is done by websites, but in more expedient, intuitive accessible modes. Thus, 2016 may be the major year in adoption of app from the perspectives of the business owners.


Mobile will fully control desktop-


The year 2015 was a grand period for mobile. Google declared that mobile visitors completely overtook the desktop visitors in almost ten countries. In the same year, Google launched the update of Mobilegeddon algorithm for phasing the out websites that have not been optimized for any mobile platform. However, it seems that, you do not need to have any optimized desktop website. As per Google search engine, a mobile-only website without any desktop version is completely suitable. Thus, the profit of the businessmen depends on the mobile-based online advertising.


Digital supporters will bring about a latest type of optimization-


SEO and PPC are two most popular policies for making your website visible. However, the development of various digital assistants may result in some new optimization system. Cortana and Siri are some of the digital assistants that use conventional search engines; however, they do so when it is needed to get info. The major point of optimization in the new system is to ensure that your business data is accessible easily to the assistants.


Virtual Reality may Appear-


In the coming years, you can find the release of lots of virtual reality tools, and some of these are intended for definite purposes, such video games, while the others can be accessible for common use. Arguably, Oculus Rift, the most popular VR gadget, is about to be introduced in 2016. Such kind of devices will bring in a completely new means of digital marketing, with the combination of social media sites and video sites.


Predictive Analytics-

The idea of big data analytics has become a buzz since the last few months of 2014; however, online advertisers are now getting striking ways to use all the records they gather from the daily engagement. With the use of data to emphasize the patterns and trends, the advertisers are competent to start campaigns on the basis of the possible result or predictive analytics. It means that the advertisers are capable of using the data to connect the prospects. You may expect that the brands will spend more for their online advertising operations as their major strategy.


Interactive Content-

Content is King

While the term, content has become the major word to be focused on the online marketing, the second best word is- engagement. The main factor for generating a long-lasting impression on the mind of the audience now depends on the content, which is engaging. In other words, interactive content of any website has turned out to be a major tactic in the competition. Tools like instant polls or animated presentations are wonderful ways to amuse or to persuade the social sharing. In the future, you may observe less conventional blog posting or PR articles and more appealing quizzes.


New social platforms-

social platform

Any confident online marketer recognizes that he has to exist in the site, where his visitors are present. And, at present, it is nothing but the latest social platforms. While the old platforms (like LinkedIn or Twitter) become saturated, the companies are looking for some new similar types of sites like Periscope, Snapchat or Instagram. The assistance of instant links has made such platforms more thrilling for digital marketing companies because they look for innovative ways for making the audiences more active. In addition to it, the niche platforms can draw the audiences, who are more passionate and engaged. Judging with Snapchat’s latest launch of the brand-specific Discover part, the fresh channels may become more prominent in 2016.


Great experience of customer-

Nowadays, the marketing sectors start functioning as a single unit instead of in silos. Every type of marketing has to team up with the major objective of sales series and client service. The flawless experience for any customer is important. Marketers may start utilizing the integrated tools that can record the journey of the customer and offer them a capability of engaging with the customer online. You have to remember that there is no need for bombarding your customer with huge info. Rather, make it simple to determine the response and devotion.


Ad-Blockers –

Ad Block

Most of us have heard that the customers are now getting bored with the face marketing. This dispute may keep on going regarding the existence of the ad blockers. The main point that is to be kept in mind is the suitability of your advertisement and the persons, who are served with the advisement. Keep making the ads for your company and recognize a consumer’s browsing experience. Moreover, remember to recognize the nature of the consumer and his target.


E-commerce may rise above Google to Twitter and Facebook-

It will really be a wonderful situation, when the customers can purchase products with the help of a messaging app, available on the site of Facebook. The more amazing fact is that you may give a great advantage to your consumers. At the same time, your brand can also find an automatic boost of visibility with the search abilities.

Companies will also be competent to communicate with the consumers through the messenger app of Facebook. On the other hand, the consumers can also buy online with this app, get notifications with immediate messaging, inform their pals on their deals and share the purchased products.


Snapchat- Ads with a date of expiration-


Snapchat dominate the world of social media, and this has been preferred by most of the tech savvy users. Only some brands have utilized the platform of Snapchat as their advertising means; however, in 2016, the businessmen will not overlook this. However, the major point is the expiration date of the ads. You may generate integrated marketing operations, which present special content. Make teasers for imminent services or products with videos or photos, which exist only for some seconds. It produces individuality to the campaigns that are loved by the users.


Advertise to customers with Instagram-

instagram Marketing

The society, where we stay now, prospers on visual motivation. Instagram only nourishes such type of need for sharing your experiences as well as your life. Recently, Instagram has been presenting paid marketing chances with the chosen developer partners. Though this is not now accessible to all, in 2016 the ads of Instagram will be reachable to all of the marketers. You can start preparing yourself from this moment. Begin to think of some ways on how you may promote your products with the help of Instagram. In addition to it, you will also be enabled to generate a carousal advertisement (in order to start multi-page advertisements) or build thirty- second video commercials.


Identity-specific PPC Marketing, altering the prospect of marketing-

PPC Marketing

AdWords has offered the advertisers a great surprise with the identity-based PPC advertising. Now, you may target the visitors with definite advertisements. It indicates that you may direct the commercials or the content, which exactly responses to a need.


All the above trends will surely transform the online age to a greater extent. They will create opportunities not only for the customers but also for the dealers. Let us grab the great digital revolution and make use of it in order to draw the awareness of the customers and roll them easily towards your products.

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