Web Designs: What’s hot and for how long?

The Internet era is in, the world is contained in the web via pictures, videos, written content and other mediums. As the search engines are routinely searched by the masses, the web swells with information. The websites multiply each day and in a race to be the users’ favourite, comes up the latest and unique trends which lure Internet lovers. In the twenty first century, the stuff on cyber space follows trends just like everything else in the market. Website owners make sure to keep up to the latest trends. Let’s see what are the current trends and which of these will continue their influence for long:

  • Flat User Interface: The Flat UI design is currently in as the usage of mobile applications is increasing day by day. It gives a simple and modern look to the website which is the exact requirement of most of the clients. What makes it popular is the quality of user experience.
  • Graphics: Gone are the days when few pictures made a website attractive. This is the graphic era. High quality graphics are used to give a better look to the websites. Even graphic information images are also provided and in fact getting popular by passing days.It is certainly going to stay in and in fact the graphics will get better day by day.
  • Typography: The use of a single font for the whole website is an extremely outdated idea. Now different types of fonts are mixed and matched to get a catchy look. Georgia, Helvetica and Times New Roman are fading as new high quality fonts replace them. As the detailing gets more serious this fashion will not be outdone easily. It’s a long way for the new generation typography.
  • Responsive design: Client demand for this particular trend is the reason for its growth. With the increasing usage of different types of gadgets, the various versions of a website have also gained momentum. Now website designers design their website separately for laptops, tablets, phones and other gadgets. This is not only one of the hottest trends but a need of the hour as a single website is not compatible to all the gadgets. For the same reason, it will hold power for a long time.
  • Single Page Scrolling: Another hot trend is of the single page website. Instead of designing several pages all the data is compressed into a single page which can be reached by scrolling and bookmarking. It is difficult to foresee if this newest wrinkle will remain for long as it totally depends on how the viewers prefer these sites. It is more of user experience than some specific need.
  • Video Content: The maximum use of video content can be seen in the contemporary cyber world. Video content as advertisements were introduced a while ago, the latest trend is to promote specific products or sell them with the help of these videos. Instead of explaining their businesses and products with heavy words and pictorial presentations, companies are now adapting the method of video content to provide a catchy presentation. Also, the web user finds it easy to click and sit instead of wandering around for details.
  • Focus on content: In spite of the many options available, the focus is on content. These content based websites are surprisingly popular. They do not beat about the bush and keep it very simple. The content is the only tool they use in various ways to make it up to the mark. Transparent information is what is still demanded by a large part of the Internet surfers and these websites provide them the exact thing they have been looking for.
  • Newsletter: Probably, a look at your e-mail inbox will explain better what we are talking about. If you are active enough on the emerging websites you will have a handful (page full) of them. Newsletters are newspapers of the particular sites. They invite customers/ viewers through these newsletters which contains the latest happenings of the websites. For example a shopping portal keeps on updating its customers by sending them newsletters which informs about the latest arrivals and discounts.
  • Fixed Navigation: The popularity of fixed navigation is due to the ease of usage it provides. It has replaced the old tradition of cluttering the menu bar. You can now easily move to the required part of the website through the navigation bar. This is also of great help when you are dealing with a site with heavy content. This trend is likely to continue as without this the haphazard and cumbersome searching will return which is less likely to be accepted in the twenty first century.

So, based on various aspects which include looks, user interface, popularity and others, the above can be tagged as the latest in web designing. Technology on the web is developing and improving rapidly. The above items can also witness changes but they are sure to stay for a long time in the present or an enriched state.

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