Which open source CMS is best for your requirement? (Part-1)

Content management is a primary requirement for any project under progress. For, any of the projects to be managed online, you need a Content Management System which compliments your requirements and usage. Although there are many options available now, but selecting the best one is still an intelligent task. You must choose your CMS keeping in mind your user base and other requirements.

WordPress comes to you mind instantly when you think of a suitable CMS. It is indeed one of the most efficient systems available for blogging. It is easy to use as it provides a very transparent setting which your bloggers can use without much fuss. You do not need to learn any programming for using this one and it is perfect for personal websites and small businesses.

Other than WordPress, Joomla is also popular among the open sources CMSs. It was not designed for blogs but it works alright for that too. The admin area is not very messed up and offers ease of handling. Many big companies also use Joomla. So, there’s no doubt it works well for you as well.

Drupal is also in the line. Go for Drupal if you want flexible web publishing. You can also play with the languages under this open source CMS. For example, you can handle bilingual and multilingual pages by adding a version of your page in another language. You can add an e-commerce system, a blog or a forum to your website. Also, there are many optional modules which you can choose for yourself.

Then there is Textpattern which is very simple and a decent open content management system to go for. The pages generated via this system loads very fast and are light-weighted when compared to other CMSs. At the basic level there aren’t many functions you can opt for but you can extend it by third party extensions and plug-ins.
If you want to have multiple sites at the same time using one single installation of software, you should go for ExpressionEngine. There are various features which makes the system a fast one. It is easy to understand the backend process one you start using it. If you are not a tech-savvy you can opt for this one.

All of the above mentioned content managers are PHP programs. If you are looking for some other programs you can go for Radiant CMS, Cushy CMS or any other CMSs which are available now days. You just need to keep your requirements in mind and the functions the CMS is offering, then you can choose the very CMS suitable for you.

In next update of part – II, we would be covering most popular CMS made of ecommerce website. Stay tuned for more updates.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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