Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)

CLM (Closed Loop Marketing) is a survey management tool, which allows the users to create surveys and publish them at any time.
Closed Loop Marketing tool is specially designed for the Pharma Industry where surveys can be conducted on doctors and the results collated by SBO, AM, RM and the regions.
CLM Application is available on desktops and also on Android tablets and phones as a mobile application.

Using CLM application survey results are available immediately across the organization.
CLM application facilitates the role based access control allowing the users to have limited view option as per their role

Survey Results

Survey results are available to logged in users via dashboards.
Survey results are viewable in pie charts and bar graphs showing summaries and responses. Dashboards display survey status – No of surveys completed, doctor-wise, PSR-wise.

Survey results are available instantly
Survey results are collated SBO, Area, Region, Zone and Nation-wide and are available to SBO/PSR,AM, RM, NSM & HO. Each user dashboard displays his team data only.


  • CLM is presently available on Android Tablets and Mobile.
  • Users can download the CLM app from the Play Store and install on their devices
  • Initial authentication is required to sign into the application
  • Once authenticated, depending upon user, survey and doctor data is synched into the application
  • Users can use the application without Internet to conduct surveys.
  • The surveys are automatically updated to the Closed Loop Marketing server whenever data connection (Wi-Fi & 3G) is available.

Advantages of Closed Loop Marketing

  • CLM helps in analyzing and increasing the relevance of marketing messages to lift conversion, grow revenue, and improve return on marketing investments (ROMI)
  • CLM is a dynamic Survey Management system
  • Using CLM, Marketing & Sales teams can create and conduct surveys on the fly
  • CLM is a valuable touch point for PSRs to interact and connect with doctors.
  • CLM is a powerful tool which helps in capturing, analyzing and rendering the data captured by the SBOs / PSRs
  • CLM helps in understanding Doctors orientation/perception towards the product.
  • Flexibility of CLM makes it comfortable to be used on both offline and online modes.
  • CLM also allows HO to conduct surveys among the field staff
  • CLM allows companies to track progress of marketing efforts with respect to the Brands and Customers over a period of time.

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