eDoctor is an online scheduling and appointment system for Hospitals and clinics. It enables Healthcare providers to be available to patients online without having to invest in any software or hardware capital expenditure. It allows Hospitals and clinics to offer consultation and Health Check appointments to patients, reducing patients wait time at hospitals and freeing up critical space and time resources for the hospitals.

eDoctor is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that allows hospitals and clinics to simply ‘plug-in’ eDoctor to their website and start using it.

eDoctor consists of 2 main modules

  • Patient module
  • Hospital module

Patient module:
The patient module enables patients to search for their specialty and doctor or Health Check and book an appointment for a consultation or Health Check online. They can enter their complete details online and reduce the waiting time at the hospital.

Hospital Module:
Hospital Module enables hospitals to maintain their complete doctor information along with schedules online. Appointments taken against these schedules can be monitored and confirmed or rescheduled. The hospital module consists of the following sections

  • Hospitals (for multiple hospitals)
  • Specialties
  • Doctors
  • Doctor schedules
  • Schedule management – Cancellation and rescheduling
  • Health Checks
  • Health Checks scheduling

Quad One has already implemented eDoctor at India’s largest hospital chain.

Quad One will work closely with the hospital to integrate eDoctor into their website. We can also integrate eDoctor into the Hospital’s eHIS so that real time scheduling and appointments can take place. Patients visiting the hospital website will be offered a seamless appointment booking process with a consistent look and feel.

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