eGovernance System

Estimate and Workbill
e-Governance System for Automation of Work Estimates, Work Bills and Stores

Quadone Technologies has developed an e-Governance system for automating the process of Work Estimates, Work Bills and Stores. The system has been developed following Government procedures as per the D Code and is applicable across all organisations and divisions of the Central and State governments of India. The system also adheres to the technology standards defined by the National e-Governance Action Plan initiated by the Government of India.

The system consists of the following modules –

  • Work Estimates
  • Agreements
  • Work Measurement
  • Work Bill
  • Stores management
  • Bill payment

The modules are explained in detail below

Work Estimates
The system allows the creation of Work Estimates online by Section Managers (Assistant Engineers) and forward these up the line through the GM (Executive Engineer) to the MD/Director Technical (Chief Engineer/Engineer-in-Chief) for approval. The estimates are driven by a master Standard Schedule of Rates (SSR), issued by the Government.

Approved work estimates are converted to agreements with the Contractor who has been finalised through the tendering process. The agreement consists of the agreement document and the Schedule A which is the Bill of Quantities for the work.

Work Measurement
Once the agreement is finalised and work initiated, work progress is measured with the help of the Measurement Book which is in-built into the system. The MB takes care of agreed quantities and recorded quantities and automatically flags excess and supplemental quantities.

Work Bill
The complete process of work management, recording and subsequent payments to contractors doing the work is managed using this system. The Contractors executing the work raise the work bill for payment. The work bill can be created in the system and is passed through various levels in the system for approvals and payment.The work bill starts from the Manager (Section) and passes through seven levels for payment. The work bill can be sent back at any time and can be tracked through the course of its passage.

Stores Management
The system also manages the complete Stores functionality including Stores Estimates, Agreements, Material procurement, Stores Indents, Materials issue, Stores Journal and ledgers and Bill payments. The system tracks the inventory issued against various managers and their subsequent issues against works. All material procurement, receipt and issue is against Approved estimates in the system. For each work, the complete work progress including materials ordered, procured and consumed can be tracked.

The objective
To build a comprehensive system which not only tackles governance issues at an unit level but also at an organizational level, and to provide the management with the information required to streamline operations and deploy the right resources at the right places at the right time.
The objective of the system is to bring online the various critical processes of the department and streamline these activities making them more transparent. This automation ensures that these critical processes flow uninterrupted and also that the management is aware of the workings of the divisions at any point of time.

Technology framework
The entire application has been developed using Enterprise Technologies which enable the operation of the system from across the enterprise. The application has been build using Dot Net framework with MSSql as the backend database. The entire framework has been built such a way that it is modular in nature and existing modules can be enhanced and new modules deployed with the minimum of integration issues.

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