Integrated Expense Tracking System


  • IETS is a tool specially designed for Pharma companies for tracking Pharma sales and marketing expenses.
  • Expenses can be tracked brand-wise, customer wise, Area-wise, Region-wise and Marketing initiative-wise.
  • Users can raise proposals online, which can be then be approved online as per the approval hierarchy.
  • ETS also takes care of Credit Notes and Free Dispatches.
  • Expenses are viewable in tabular formats, pie charts and bar diagrams, summarizing the expenses.
  • IETS follows a role based access control allowing users to view expense reports as per their role. E,g, AMs can view expenses for their areas, RMs for their regions etc.
  • ETS can be integrated with SAP and other third party systems to obtain master data and customer ROIs.
  • IETS is available on desktops, tablets and mobile.

IETS Administration

  • Admin/PMT team can handle all the backend data of the IETS application.
  • Admin can manage the following
    • Employee master data.
    • Doctors data.
    • Brands data.
    • Stockiest data.
    • Marketing Initiatives
    • Roles
    • Approval Hierarchy etc.
  • Admin can also
    • View the dashboards
    • Approve / reject proposals which are pending for a long time
    • Send out notifications to the entire team

Create Proposal

  • ABM/RBM’s can create a proposal and forward it for approval.
  • Activities like Meetings, cab booking, flight booking, journals, books, international mobile services etc., can be tracked and approved.
  • Proposals can be approved/ rejected online. Approver/Rejector needs to provide comments while approving/rejecting.
  • A proposal consists of
    • Marketing Initiative
    • Services
    • Customer details
    • Brand details
    • Costs
  • Credit notes creation can also be managed using the IETS application.

Proposal Approval Process

  • Once a proposal is raised it will follow the approval hierarchy before getting final approval.
  • Raised proposal will follow the following hierarchy
    • RBM
    • PMT
    • MH/TFH/SM
    • DH
  • Emails notifications are sent for every approve/ reject to the user who initially raised the proposal.
  • Proposal can be approved by Admin in case of Approver not being able to approve (leave or vacant position)
  • Proposals can be rejected. In this case proposal has to be resubmitted.
  • Once proposal has been approved by final approver, it is directed to the Marketing coordination team for further process.
  • The entire proposal with attachments can be printed out and signed for manual approval and to submit to Finance.

Proposals Results

  • Proposal results are available to logged in users via dashboards.
  • Dashboards displays proposals count/value, brand-wise, service-wise comparisons.
  • Proposal results are collated by time period, Am, RM and National.
  • Dashboard results are available to AM/RM/BM/TFH/DH


  • Proposal reports
  • Brands reports
  • Services reports
  • Credit notes reports
  • Ageing reports.

IETS Mobile

  • IETS dashboard is also available on android tablets and mobiles.
  • Initial authentication is required to sign in to the application.
  • Once authenticated depending upon the user role data is synced in to the application.
  • IETS Mobile is a valuable tool for PMT and Senior Management to understand market dynamics and view expenses brand-wise & initiative-wise.


  • IETS is an integrated expense tracking system handful for Pharma sales and marketing to constantly monitor marketing campaigns and understand their effectiveness.
  • IETS is a powerful data rendering tool for senior management to analyze expenses incurred by the company on brands and customers.
  • IETS Mobile puts this data and dashboards in every executive’s hand, enabling him to take informed decisions on the field.

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